RAZI Elevator and Escalator

RAZI Technical Engineering Company in Elevator and Escalator Industry is:

  • Official member of Iranian syndicate in Elevator and Escalator industry since 1999.
  • License of elevator installation and design form ministry of Industry since 2004.
  • Holder of ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 IN QC management unit
  • Sole representative of Korean SONGSAN especial co. in Iran.
  • Sole representative of France SANEI elevators in Iran

RAZI elevator co. is the official member of Iranian syndicate in elevator and escalator industry. With more than 5o years of experience in elevator installation, design, service and maintenance; this company provides different kinds of elevators with different usage (panorama, passenger, stretcher lift, bed lift, …..). It starts its business under the names of cabin lift and Iran Corrector with Mr. Fazlollah Falah pour management. At the moment this company continues his activity under the name of RAZI elevator co. By installing and deigning more than 2500 units of elevators and escalators; this company records dramatic history in its resume. RAZI is the exclusive representative of Korean SONGSAN especial Co. in Iran.

Mr. Fallah pour as a reputable person is one of the founder of elevator syndicate in Iran; he is very responsible and meticulous about standards of his job. RAZI elevator Co. consist of different department like: Marketing team, selling, service and maintenance, internal business, foreign trade, design, supplies, (QC) management, administration and human resource, finance and after sales services.
The most important aim of RAZI elevator Co. is to acquire its customer’s satisfaction by providing service and maintenance for more than 2000 building each month. To achieve its aim RAZI ELEVATOR CO. uses expertise in different fields of designing, installation, service and maintenance. To enhance the quality of its services the management took measures to get ISO9001-2008 from American BRS Company.